A JavaScript library that helps you build performant UI components for the web.


The scroller in a nut shell

Built with performance in mind

The scroller tries to optimize the way that you interact with the DOM and leverages the GPU as much as possible.

Mobile first

Cross-platform, the scroller works in most platforms including iOS, Windows, FirefoxOS and Android.

Plugin System

Extensible architecture. You can extend or create your own plugins and components on top of the core infrastructure.


Extensive documentation, APIs and example to help you understand and use the scroller.



The scroller is designed from the ground up to be extensible and plugable. All internals are exposed for you to customize. Moreover a simple event mechanism is provided to allow your plugins to be notified when something has change in the scroller.

Take a look at the examples and documentation to learn more about how to customize the scroller, writting your own plugins.


Select a scroller configuration:

** Note: The examples on the playground are sandboxed in an iframe so it's easier to debug and understand. If some of your gestures happen out of the iframe, the scroller may not be able to track those events and it will behave incorrectly. For a perfect experience, it's recommended that you load the examples in a new tab ( you can use the top bar icon).